i) racing cross dew dappled grass
sliding into wood
face splintered with tears.
an hour later shivering with delirium

clear tubing connects vein to mechanics.
cannula the length of your doll like foot.
days ago, smiling in my arms
now eyes sealed with pain.

sickly skin clings damply to my arm
warmth imprinting my side.
lips moaning; for a mother i’m not
worn blanket begs to be a fort.

ii) flooding sheets with ocean tides.
i wonder if you are made of salt
if i lick you enough will you dissolve?
flood my blood streams.

current climates chilling my spine
gusts, pushing me in close.
unfocused words enveloping limbs
radiant heat withers my skin.

flinging yourself towards me
my blood boiling when we kiss
your body but a whisper
but at least i know you are alive